The strength of Thuthukani Technology Solutions lies in our expertise and domain knowledge, infrastructure, financial, technical, product and marketing resources. All of which are aligned to craft the best possible  Technology Solutions required by the customers.

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PROFESSIONAL SERVICES (PS)                                              [back]
Applying skill, knowledge, reputation and creativity, relevant consultants can drive the following processes for customers:

  1. Infrastructure and Systems Integration Services.
  2. Consulting and Implementation Services.
  3. Project Management based on the Prince2 Project Management methodology.
  4. Infrastructure Application Solutions.

SUSTAINING SERVICES                                                            [back]
A process to mitigate the risks of service interruptions and enhance delivery on a day to day basis through:

  1. Support Contract and Services with SLA’s - For those customers that depend on higher service levels.
  2. Business Application Services - Our dedicated Business Application consultants will work hand in hand with our customers to ensure a good understanding of requirements to design, develop and implement the right solutions.
  3. Warrantee Services - in partnership with the International vendor, we provide an authorized Warrantee Repair Service.
  4. Helpdesk Services - Providing an excellent customer interface that remains controlled, measured and managed with high customer satisfaction.
  5. IMACD (Installation, moving, adding, change and disposing of ICT infrastructure) - Providing a turnkey solution service of the highest standards to all our customers.

Allowing our customers to focus on their core functions while technology is taken care of through the Business Critical Administration and Operational Services Program (BeatCaos™) consisting of:

  1. Managed Services (MS) - While our customers remain the owners of the infrastructure we partner with them to ensure maximum efficiency in operations on their behalf
  2. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Hosting - Cloud Computing, where shared resources, software and information are made available to computer users via the internet on an on-demand basis. Rather than investing heavily in servers, software, data centre space or network equipment, our customers buy these resources as a fully outsourced service with SLA’s in place, and billing is done on a utility costing model that typically reflects the usage 9pnly pay for what you use).
  3. Packaged Solutions - Industrialized solutions including equipment, installation and service agreements based on the requirements of the customer.